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      Nestled in beautiful Magnolia, Texas, Lazy Acres was established in 1980 by a local family with intentions of opening their gates to families and companies looking to bring people together. They turned 20 acres of their property into an event space over 30 years ago, and Lazy Acres was formed. After roughly 15 years, the Martinez family took 1 step on the property and fell in love. Sharla, and her husband, Ray Martinez, never looked back. They purchased Lazy Acres in 2001 and quickly incorporated the property and business into their family.


     At that time, in addition to offering the facility as an event space for corporate events and private parties, Sharla also started what is now the Lazy Acres Summer Day Camp. Many of Sharla's own grandchildren have grown up attending and countless campers have become family- A few of them have even gone on to become counselors themselves! 

      Sharla has a heart for helping people, and she will do anything to bring happiness to others. This passion for people allowed her to grow the business to what it is today. Lazy Acres hosts companies, groups, and families for various events on the weekends, in addition to the summer day camp that has created lifelong memories and friendships for hundreds of children over the years. 

"To me, the most important things in life are faith, family and friends.  My husband, Ray, and I have always enjoyed gathering our family and friends together.  We always seemed to find a reason to have a celebration.  Sometimes it was a small gathering of 10 guests and other times it was over 100.  As parents, we wanted our children to grow up with extended family, friends and co-workers,  We delight in entertaining guests of all ages. We take joy in seeing our guests relaxing and having fun. It is so important to enjoy life and come together to celebrate milestones with others.

When the opportunity came along to purchase Lazy Acres we knew it was the right decision.  The property is so beautiful and it gives us the perfect opportunity to share our vision of gathering loved ones together for a time of fun and relaxation.  Adults can come out and enjoy a picnic while mingling with co-workers.  Their children can fish, play on inflatables and explore other activities. Our Lazy Acres Day Camp invites local children to come, have an adventure, and make new friends. We truly love it here and have been so blessed to share it with you all. Thank you."

- Sharla Martinez

The People


   One of the best kept secrets at Lazy Acres is our animals. We offer a viewing zoo for you to come and meet all of our friends at the barn. We will even let you feed them! These sweet animals are a kid favorite at our picnics and during summer day camp.

  We have rescued over 40 animals over the years, and there is no end in sight. These guys and gals have found their forever home at our little barn. Montana, the miniature horse is our unofficial mascot, though he thinks he's just the family dog. Otis is our gentle giant pig that could eat his body weight in one sitting. Our chickens lay us farm fresh eggs, and the bunnies are so snuggly! Our goat family loves to put on a show on their playground, but the best part is they will let you feed them ALL DAY LONG!

  Come visit soon. We can't wait to introduce you! 

The Animals
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